The Importance of Value Investing

warren buffet shows a investment chart to teach financial vocabulary to English students

Play The Importance of Value Investing: Lessons from Warren Buffet How Warren Buffet’s Understanding of Financial Terminology Led to Investment Success Once upon a time, there was a boy named Warren who loved to read about finance and investing. He was fascinated by the idea of using financial analysis to identify undervalued stocks and make […]

A Harsh Reality To Deal With

a little pregnant

Play A Harsh Reality To Deal With Tiktok user Alexis, 19, created quite a buzz on social media. She revealed how she had a baby without knowing she was even pregnant. Dressed in a private school uniform, she screamed to her mom for help one morning. She couldn’t figure out why she had an unusual urge […]

Learning American English Idioms

Speaking American English Idioms

Learning American English Idioms or Whatnot Has someone ever said, “The cat’s in the bag”? Or how about “Drop it like it’s hot”? If so, you have already felt the influence of idioms. Idioms are phrases whose meaning differs from the words they contain. They are extensively used throughout the English-speaking world. Frequently, they are […]