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The Legendary Eddie Aikau: Surfer, Lifeguard, and Hero from Hawaii

The Story of Eddie Aikau’s Heroic Actions and Tragic Disappearance

Eddie Aikau was a surfer and a lifeguard from Hawaii who lived in the 20th century. He became famous for his surfing skills and for saving people who were in danger in the water. He was so good at what he did that he was chosen to be part of a group of people who wanted to sail from Hawaii to Tahiti on a traditional canoe. The voyage was supposed to follow the ancient Hawaiian migration route, and Eddie was in charge of the safety of the crew.

One day, the canoe was hit by a big storm and it began to sink. Eddie knew that they needed help, but the crew decided to stay and wait for a rescue. However, the rescue didn’t come fast enough, and Eddie decided to paddle on his surfboard to try to find help. Sadly, Eddie was never seen again, and he is believed to have drowned.

Eddie Aikau was a hero because he always put the safety of others before his own. His story teaches us to be brave and to always help others when they are in danger. He is still remembered today as a symbol of courage and selflessness.


  • Navigate: to plan and direct the route of a ship or aircraft
  • Voyage: a long journey, especially by sea
  • Crew: a group of people who work together on a ship or airplane
  • Capsized: when a boat or ship turns over in the water and the bottom becomes the top
  • Dilemma: a situation where a difficult choice has to be made between two or more options, all of which may have negative consequences
  • Risk: the possibility of harm or loss
  • Memorial: something that is created to honor or remember someone who has died


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About The Story

  1. What was Eddie Aikau’s role in the surfing community?
  2. How did Eddie Aikau die?
  3. What was the Polynesian Voyaging Society?
  4. What was the goal of the Polynesian Voyaging Society?
  5. Why did Eddie Aikau suggest paddling on his surfboard to get help?
  6. Did Eddie Aikau manage to get help?
  7. Why did Eddie Aikau’s disappearance shock the surfing community?
  8. What is the Eddie Aikau Foundation and what does it promote?

About You

  1. Have you ever heard of Eddie Aikau before?
  2. What do you think made Eddie Aikau a hero?
  3. Do you enjoy water sports like surfing or sailing?
  4. Would you have stayed with the crew or gone to look for help like Eddie did?
  5. Do you think it’s important to prioritize the safety of others over your own safety?
  6. Have you ever been in a dangerous situation in the water?
  7. How do you think we can learn from Eddie Aikau’s story?
  8. Would you like to learn more about the ancient Hawaiian migration route?
  9. Do you think Eddie Aikau’s legacy is important?