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Remembering Eddie Aikau: The Legendary Surfer and Lifeguard

The Tragic Disappearance That Made Him a Hero

Eddie Aikau was a surfer and a lifeguard from Hawaii. He was very good at surfing and he helped many people who were in trouble in the water.

In 1978, Eddie joined a group of people who wanted to sail from Hawaii to Tahiti. They sailed on a traditional canoe and Eddie was responsible for their safety.

One day, the canoe hit a big storm and began to sink. Eddie wanted to paddle to get help, but his friends asked him to stay with them. They waited for help, but it didn’t come quickly enough.

Eddie decided to paddle away on his surfboard to try to get help. Sadly, Eddie was never found and he probably drowned. Eddie was a hero because he always helped people and he was brave.

People still remember Eddie today and his story teaches us to be careful when we do sports and to always think about safety.

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“lifeguard”: a person who is responsible for ensuring the safety of people who are swimming or enjoying other water activities at a beach or pool

“rescue”: to save someone from danger or harm

“drown”: to die by suffocating underwater

“waves”: the movement of water in the ocean or sea, which can be large and powerful

“swim”: to move through water using your arms and legs

“surfing”: a sport where a person rides on a board while moving along the surface of ocean waves

“brave”: someone who is not afraid of danger or difficulty

“hero”: someone who is admired for their courage and actions in helping others

About The Story

  1. Who was Eddie Aikau?
  2. What was Eddie Aikau known for?
  3. Was Eddie Aikau a lifeguard?
  4. Did Eddie Aikau disappear while on a voyage?
  5. Was Eddie Aikau’s legacy honored with a foundation?
  6. Does the Eddie Aikau Foundation promote education and environmental awareness?
  7. What was Eddie responsible for on the canoe trip to Tahiti?
  8. What happened to the canoe during the trip?
  9. Why did Eddie’s friends ask him to stay with them?
  10. Why did Eddie decide to paddle away on his surfboard?
  11. Was Eddie ever found after he paddled away?
  12. Why do people remember Eddie today?
  13. What does Eddie’s story teach us?

About You

  1. Do you like to go swimming or surfing in the water?
  2. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed help in the water?
  3. Do you know who Eddie Aikau is and what he did?
  4. Why was Eddie Aikau considered a hero?
  5. Have you ever heard about traditional canoes? Do you know how they are different from modern boats?
  6. Would you have done what Eddie did and gone to look for help on your surfboard?
  7. What safety measures do you take when you go swimming or surfing?
  8. Do you think it is important to help others in need?