The Inspiring Story of Lee Iacocca: A Remarkable Businessman and Automotive Industry Icon

From Designing the Ford Mustang to Saving Chrysler: Learn About Lee Iacocca’s Legacy

Let me tell you a story about a well-known businessman named Lee Iacocca. He was quite famous in America. He was born in Pennsylvania in the year 1924. Lee studied engineering and worked for a long time at the Ford Motor Company. You know what? He played a big part in designing the Ford Mustang, which became a super popular car!

After his time at Ford, Lee became the CEO of Chrysler Corporation. And you know what’s really impressive? When the company was going through some tough financial times, Lee turned things around! He did an amazing job! He also played a big role in developing the minivan, which turned out to be a huge success.

Now, Lee was also known for his commercials. In those ads, he used to say, “If you can find a better car, buy it!” It became quite famous!

Lee wasn’t just a businessman, he was a great leader too. He wrote books about his experiences, and some people even thought about him joining politics. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2019, but his legacy continues to inspire many people.


  • Businessman: A person who is involved in business or commerce, often as an owner or manager of a company.
  • CEO: An abbreviation for Chief Executive Officer, which is the highest-ranking executive in a company who is responsible for making important decisions and managing the overall operations of the organization.
  • Financial trouble: A situation where a company is struggling with money, often due to high expenses or low profits.
  • Develop: To create or make something new or improved, often through a process of research or design.
  • Minivan: A type of vehicle that is larger than a car and smaller than a full-sized van, often used for transporting families or groups of people.

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  1. Who was Lee Iacocca?
  2. Where was Lee Iacocca born?
  3. What did Lee Iacocca study in college?
  4. What car did Lee Iacocca help design for Ford Motor Company?
  5. What company did Lee Iacocca become the CEO of?
  6. What was Lee Iacocca famous for saying in his commercials?

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  6. Would you ever consider a career in the automotive industry?
  7. Have you ever had to turn around a difficult situation, like Iacocca did with Chrysler?

Idiom Expressions

  1. Turned things around: This phrase means to bring about a positive change or improvement in a situation, especially when it was previously difficult or challenging.
  2. Played a big part: This phrase means to have a significant role or contribution to something.
  3. Legacy: This term refers to the impact or influence that someone leaves behind after they have passed away or finished their work.