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Miracle On The Hudson

A story about heroism and survival

In 2009, a plane called US Airways Flight 1549 flew out of New York City. There were 155 people on the plane, including the pilots. But suddenly, the plane hit some birds and the engines stopped working. The pilots knew they had to land the plane, but they couldn’t make it to an airport.

So, the pilot decided to land the plane in the Hudson River. The passengers were scared, but the pilot and his team helped them get off the plane and onto nearby boats. Everyone was okay!

People called it the “Miracle on the Hudson” because everyone survived the crash. They said the pilot was very brave and did a great job. They made a movie about it, called “Sully.” Now, the story helps people understand how important it is to be safe when flying on a plane.


  • Pilots – The people who operate and fly the airplane.
  • Engines – The machines that make the airplane move and fly.
  • Crash – When a plane hits the ground or another object very hard and gets damaged.
  • Hudson River – A river that flows through New York City.
  • Nearby – Something that is close or not far away from another place.
  • Survived – When someone doesn’t die after a dangerous or deadly event.
  • Brave – Someone who is very courageous and not afraid to face danger.
  • Safe – When something is not dangerous or risky and doesn’t cause harm to someone or something.

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About The Story

  1. What was the name of the plane that flew from New York City in 2009?
  2. How many people were on the plane, including the pilots?
  3. What happened to the engines of the plane?
  4. Why did the pilots decide to land the plane in the Hudson River?
  5. What did people call the event where everyone survived the crash?
  6. What is the name of the movie that was made about this event?

About You

  1. Have you ever heard about the “Miracle on the Hudson”?
  2. Do you know what caused the engines to stop working on the plane?
  3. Can you imagine how scared the passengers were when the plane landed in the river?
  4. Do you think the pilot and his team did a good job handling the situation?
  5. Would you like to watch the movie “Sully”?
  6. Do you think it’s important to be prepared for emergencies when traveling?
  7. Have you ever experienced turbulence during a flight?
  8. What safety measures do you think should be taken when flying on a plane?