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A Successful Business Trip | Overcoming Obstacles and Exploring the City

Elizabeth Gowing is a British writer who loves to travel. Once, when she was in the Balkans, she got very sick and needed to go to the hospital. She felt scared and worried, but luckily, she had travel insurance to cover her medical expenses.

The doctors and nurses at the hospital were kind and helpful, and they were able to give Elizabeth the treatment she needed to get better. Even though it was a scary experience, Elizabeth was grateful for the care she received and for having insurance to help her pay for the medical costs.

Elizabeth learned an important lesson from her experience: it’s important to be prepared for medical emergencies when traveling. She always makes sure to have travel insurance and a list of emergency contacts with her, just in case. By being prepared, she can enjoy her travels with peace of mind, knowing that she is ready for any situation.


  • Balkans: The Balkans is a region in southeastern Europe that includes countries such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia.
  • Beekeeping: Beekeeping is the practice of raising bees to produce honey and other bee products.
  • Charity: A charity is an organization that raises money to help people who are in need, such as those who are sick, poor, or homeless.
  • Travel insurance: Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers unexpected costs that may arise while traveling, such as medical expenses, trip cancellation or interruption, or lost or stolen baggage.
  • Medical expenses: Medical expenses are the costs associated with receiving medical treatment, such as seeing a doctor, going to the hospital, or buying medication.
  • Emergency contacts: Emergency contacts are people who can be contacted in case of an emergency, such as a family member or friend who can help you if you get sick or have an accident while traveling.

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About The Story

  1. Who is Elizabeth Gowing?
  2. What was Elizabeth doing when she started to feel sick?
  3. How long had Elizabeth been feeling pain in her stomach?
  4. What did Elizabeth find out she had when she went to the hospital?
  5. Who helped Elizabeth when she was in Montenegro?
  6. Was Elizabeth able to recover from her surgery and continue her travels?

About You

  1. Have you ever traveled to a different country?
  2. Do you like to write about your experiences when you travel?
  3. Has anything scary ever happened to you when you were traveling?
  4. Have you ever been to a hospital in a different country?
  5. Do you know what travel insurance is?
  6. Have you ever felt worried or scared when you were sick?
  7. Do you think it’s important to be prepared for emergencies when traveling?
  8. Have you ever made a list of emergency contacts before traveling?