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Eddie Aikau Foundation

New initiative aims to prevent accidents and honor Eddie Aikau’s legacy

In breaking news, the Eddie Aikau Foundation has announced plans to launch a new initiative aimed at promoting water safety and education. The foundation was established in memory of legendary surfer and lifeguard Eddie Aikau, who disappeared while on a voyage with the Polynesian Voyaging Society in 1978.

The new initiative, called “Eddie Would Go Water Safety Education,” will offer programs and resources to help people learn about water safety and the risks involved in water sports and recreation. The foundation hopes to prevent accidents and tragedies like the one that claimed Eddie Aikau’s life.

Eddie Aikau was a hero in the surfing community for his incredible skills and bravery in the water. He was also known for his work as a lifeguard, rescuing many people from dangerous situations in the ocean. His disappearance was a shock to the surfing community, and he became a symbol of bravery and selflessness.

The Eddie Aikau Foundation has been working for years to promote education and environmental awareness, but the new initiative represents a significant expansion of their efforts. The foundation hopes to reach a wide audience with its message of water safety and to honor Eddie Aikau’s legacy by saving lives and preventing accidents.


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“adverse conditions”: difficult or unfavorable circumstances, such as bad weather or rough seas

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“heroism”: brave or noble behavior, often in the face of danger or adversity

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About The Story

  1. What events in Eddie Aikau’s childhood and upbringing contributed to his love of the ocean and surfing?
  2. What were some of Eddie Aikau’s greatest surfing achievements and what made him stand out from other surfers of his time?
  3. How did Eddie Aikau’s experience as a lifeguard influence his approach to surfing and his reputation as a hero?
  4. What was the significance of the Hokule’a, the traditional Polynesian canoe that Eddie Aikau sailed on?
  5. What were the challenges that the crew of the Hokule’a faced during their voyage, and how did they cope with them?
  6. What was the turning point in the voyage that led to the canoe taking on water and putting the crew in danger?
  7. Why did Eddie Aikau suggest paddling his surfboard to get help, and what factors influenced the crew’s decision not to follow his advice?
  8. What do we know about Eddie Aikau’s final moments, and what theories have been proposed about his disappearance?
  9. How did the surfing community react to Eddie Aikau’s disappearance, and what impact did it have on the sport and its culture?
  10. What was the inspiration behind the creation of the Eddie Aikau Foundation, and what are some of its most notable accomplishments?
  11. How has the Eddie Aikau Foundation’s work expanded beyond Hawaii and influenced ocean safety and environmental awareness on a global scale?
  12. What is the significance of the “Eddie Would Go” slogan, and how has it become a symbol of Eddie Aikau’s legacy?
  13. How have filmmakers, writers, and other artists honored Eddie Aikau’s story and contributed to his legacy?
  14. What is the lasting impact of Eddie Aikau’s life and legacy, and how can we continue to learn from his example in our own lives?

About You

  1. What inspired the Eddie Aikau Foundation to launch the “Eddie Would Go Water Safety Education” initiative?
  2. How will the new initiative help prevent accidents and tragedies like the one that claimed Eddie Aikau’s life?
  3. What types of programs and resources will be offered as part of the “Eddie Would Go Water Safety Education” initiative?
  4. How does Eddie Aikau’s legacy continue to inspire people around the world?
  5. Why was Eddie Aikau considered a hero in the surfing community?
  6. What was Eddie Aikau’s role as a lifeguard and how many people did he save from dangerous situations in the ocean?
  7. Why was Eddie Aikau’s disappearance a shock to the surfing community?
  8. What is the Eddie Aikau Foundation’s mission and how has it been working to promote education and environmental awareness?
  9. What does the foundation hope to achieve with the “Eddie Would Go Water Safety Education” initiative?
  10. How can people get involved and support the foundation’s efforts to promote water safety and education?