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For Bank Transfer, Kakao ID: Orran

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$ 25
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  • 30,593 KRW
  • Private
  • Any Speaking Level

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600 Minutes
$ 700
00 12 weeks
  • 20,400 KRW / Student / Hour
  • 4 Students
  • Same Level


I have been using breakingnewsenglish.com for advanced classes.

For A2 / B1 classes, I teach idioms. Students obtain PDF Book One, Book Two, and Book Three.

For A1 and Elementary students, Global English Campus is the choice.

Yes. We match the students level.

If one person pays for all 4 students, there is a $100 discount.

You will be given preference with a deposit. If you choose to make a deposit, we will send an invoice.

My research is free.

The best way for Public Relations to work is for me to understand you. 

This makes any additional services to you exclusive.

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