Successful Business Trip Despite Forgetting Phone Charger

Samantha is a businesswoman. She works for a big company. Her job is to attend trade shows in different cities.

Today, she was traveling to a city for work. Samantha was in a hurry and forgot to pack her phone charger. She needed her phone to prepare for the trade show.

When she arrived at the hotel, Samantha asked the receptionist if there was a store nearby where she could buy a charger. The receptionist was very helpful and gave her directions to a store.

Samantha quickly went to the store to buy the charger. After that, she went back to the hotel to prepare for the trade show. Samantha was able to get everything done on time.

At the trade show, Samantha’s company received a lot of positive feedback. Samantha was happy that everything went well.

Even though Samantha was busy with work, she had some free time to explore the city. She visited a few museums and tried some new food. Samantha had a good time on her business trip.


  • Trade show: an event where companies can showcase and promote their products or services to potential customers or clients.
  • Charger: a device used to charge the battery of an electronic device, such as a phone or a laptop.
  • Receptionist: a person who works at the front desk of a hotel, office, or other public place and greets and assists visitors or guests.
  • Positive feedback: comments or responses that express approval, appreciation, or satisfaction with something.
  • Explore: to travel to or through a place in order to discover or learn about it.
  • Museum: a place where objects of historical, scientific, or artistic importance are exhibited for public viewing.
  • Direction: instructions or guidance on how to get to a place or how to do something.
  • Company: a business or organization that produces or sells goods or services.
  • Prepare: to get ready for something or make something ready.
  • Feedback: comments or opinions that give information about how something is being perceived or experienced.


About The Story

  1. What is Samantha’s job?
  2. Why did Samantha forget to pack her phone charger?
  3. Who did Samantha ask for help at the hotel?
  4. Was the receptionist helpful to Samantha?
  5. Where did Samantha go to buy a phone charger?
  6. Did Samantha have enough time to prepare for the trade show?
  7. Did Samantha’s company receive positive or negative feedback at the trade show?
  8. Was Samantha happy with the outcome of the trade show?
  9. Did Samantha have any free time during her business trip?
  10. What did Samantha do in her free time?
  11. Did Samantha enjoy her business trip?
  12. Did Samantha have any problems during her business trip?
  13. Would Samantha like to go on another business trip in the future?
  14. Did Samantha make any new contacts during the trade show?
  15. What did Samantha think of the new food she tried in the city?
  16. Did Samantha learn anything new while visiting museums in the city?
  17. What did Samantha like the most about her business trip?
  18. Would Samantha recommend the city to her friends and colleagues for a visit?

About You

  1. Have you ever traveled for work like Samantha?
  2. Have you ever forgotten to pack something important for a trip?
  3. Do you always make sure to prepare everything you need before traveling?
  4. Have you ever had to ask for directions while traveling?
  5. Were the locals helpful when you asked for directions?
  6. Have you ever been to a trade show?
  7. Have you ever participated in a trade show for work?
  8. How important do you think positive feedback is for a company?
  9. Have you ever received positive feedback at work?
  10. Do you like exploring new cities when you travel for work?
  11. What kind of activities do you like to do in your free time when you travel for work?
  12. Have you ever tried new food while traveling for work?