A Successful Business Trip | Overcoming Obstacles and Exploring the City

Samantha is a businesswoman. She went to a city for a trade show. She stayed at a hotel.

Samantha needed her phone, but she forgot her charger. She asked the hotel receptionist for help. The receptionist told her where to buy a new charger. Samantha bought it and was happy.

At the trade show, Samantha talked to many people. They liked her company’s products. Samantha felt proud.

After the trade show, Samantha had free time. She went to a museum and saw many interesting things. Samantha had a good time in the city.


  • overcome: to successfully solve a problem or remove a barrier
  • obstacle: something that blocks progress or makes things difficult
  • businesswoman: a woman who works in business
  • trade show: an event where companies show their products and services to potential customers
  • hotel: a place where people can stay overnight when they are traveling
  • receptionist: a person who works at the front desk of a hotel or office, and who helps guests or visitors
  • charger: a device used to recharge a battery, such as for a phone or computer
  • trade: the exchange of goods or services between people or companies
  • products: things that are made or sold by a company, such as goods or services
  • proud: feeling good about oneself or something one has done
  • museum: a place where people can see and learn about art, history, or science through exhibits and collections

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  1. Who is Samantha?
  2. Where did Samantha go for a trade show?
  3. Where did Samantha stay during her trip?
  4. What did Samantha need that she forgot to bring?
  5. Where did Samantha go in her free time?
  6. Did Samantha have a good time on her trip?

Practice Sentences


1. Samantha is a ___________ who went to a trade show in a city.

a) doctor

b) businesswoman

c) artist


2. At the hotel, Samantha asked the ___________ for help when she forgot her phone charger.

a) receptionist

b) chef

c) housekeeper


3. Samantha saw many interesting things at the ___________ she visited during her free time.

a) park

b) museum

c) mall


4. Samantha felt ___________ when people at the trade show liked her company’s products.

a) angry

b) proud

c) sad


5. A ___________ is a device used to recharge a battery, such as for a phone or computer.

a) charger

b) book

c) pen