Abigail Disney Voices Her Opinion

Abigail Disney Voices Her Opinion

Play Abigail Disney Voices Her Opinion Abigail Disney is the granddaughter of Roy Disney. Walter and Roy started the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in 1923. The multi-million-dollar company wants to make the world a better place. But Abigail wants the employees working at the Disney Theme Parks to have a better life. In a TED […]

Theranos, Outright Hogwash

Elizabeth Holmes Theranos

Play Theranos, for All Intents and Purposes Theranos, a blood testing company founded by Elizabeth Holmes, made boastful promises but didn’t give the medical industry any new hope. For all intents and purposes, Ms. Holmes had a great idea while at University but failed to deliver in the long run. According to Investopedia, several reasons […]

A Tale of Two Tennis Players

A tale of two tennis players

Play A Tale of Two Tennis Players The 2022 U.S. Open will be a historic tennis match to remember. While Carlos Alcaraz won the men’s final round, Serena Williams bowed out of tennis altogether. What makes Mr. Alcaraz unique? For starters, he is the youngest to earn his first Grand Slam title, doing so at […]

King Charles Lugs The Torch

Her Majesty, The Queen

Play King Charles Lugs The Torch After the death of Queen Elizabeth; may she rest in peace (RIP), Prince Charles Ⅲ is expected to lug the torch. How will the new monarch fare? Since 1953, when Elizabeth was coronated as Queen, she has reportedly been a stable figure in a world that has undergone much […]

A Harsh Reality To Deal With

a little pregnant

Play A Harsh Reality To Deal With Tiktok user Alexis, 19, created quite a buzz on social media. She revealed how she had a baby without knowing she was even pregnant. Dressed in a private school uniform, she screamed to her mom for help one morning. She couldn’t figure out why she had an unusual urge […]

Free Grade Book Download

Free Grade Book for zoom classes in 2022

Play Free Grade Book And Zoom Game Start 2022 with a free Grade Book and have fun using Zoom. The download includes a multiple-choice game utility for screen-sharing. No PowerPoint programming required and much, much more to offer! On the Guide tab, ruled paper is mimicked to communicate whatever you want. I have it here for instructions. […]

Zoom Online Teaching Gear

zoom online classes

Play Get In Gear For Zoom Online Teaching The April 9, 2020 issue of Forbes Magazine predicted careers will change as a result of Covid-19. Information Technology Companies have been offering their products at a discount, competing for customers because of the sheer volume of startups. Now you can teach independently and affordably get in gear […]

Free Masks For Nursing Staff

free masks for nursing staff

Free Masks For Nursing Staff In May of 2020, Ethan Wingate made his rounds in a Toronto neighborhood when he stumbles upon the following note: I’m an ER nurse at Sunnybrook Hospital. I am sewing Operating Room Caps to cover hair at work for myself, other nurses, and any staff at the hospital as part […]

About Me

Play About me An early entrepreneur, Orran began doing his own books then became a Tax Preparer, a Property and Casualty Insurance Agent and an NASD Life Insurance Advisor. However, creative ambitions led him to attend a ‘New Ivy’ and STEM University in Upstate New York. There, he wrote for RPI‘s Statler & Waldorf Magazine; […]

Not An Easy Leap Into Outer Space


Not An Easy Leap Into Outer Space So, astronomers have discovered an earth sized planet in a habitable zone. Going to the moon is one thing but it’s not an easy leap into outer space. Maybe it’s just easier to stay here? A scale of our solar system runs approximately 2 miles long from the U.S. Capital Building […]