About me

An early entrepreneur, Orran began doing his own books then became a Tax Preparer, a Property and Casualty Insurance Agent and an NASD Life Insurance Advisor. However, creative ambitions led him to attend a ‘New Ivy’ and STEM University in Upstate New York.

There, he wrote for RPI‘s Statler & Waldorf Magazine; cast, directed and filmed projects; and participated in Theater. He started a career in Public Relations and later achieved Distinguished Toastmaster with Toastmasters International. This creative outlet better coincides with his life-long volunteerism as a researcher, writer and speaker for a Crisis Management company.

With diverse interests, Orran traveled to Denver Colorado to complete a course in Household Management at Starkey International. There, he laid out the groundwork  for Starkey’s Household Management Software. 

For the past 10 years Orran has focused his attention on volunteering while employed as an English teacher in South Korea. As an Assistant Professor, he began his own Learning Management System with a website to keep students engaged. His website served as his own replacement for the department’s Moodle system with quiz functions and other capabilities.

Since administration was often in a rush to curve grades, he also designed an Excel Gradebook to make modifications simply by changing the value in one cell. The gradebook includes a multiple choice classroom game integrating student names for participation. Most recently, Orran has added voice over narration to his repertoire. “Quality sound will make the video casting difference in the future,” he says. “Culture is expected to adapt to technology after 2020 in a big way.”

What I've done