A Tale of Two Tennis Players

The 2022 U.S. Open will be a historic tennis match to remember. While Carlos Alcaraz won the men’s final round, Serena Williams bowed out of tennis altogether.

What makes Mr. Alcaraz unique? For starters, he is the youngest to earn his first Grand Slam title, doing so at 19 years of age. The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) ranked him number one. That’s quite an achievement!

Why is Mr. Alcaraz a force to be reckoned with? He was the 31st seed at the Australia Open and reached the third round. Then in short order, he was the first teenager to defeat Rafael Nadal on clay, doing so back-to-back, against Novak Djokovic as well. How will he handle it?

Serena Williams’ exit is significant because she is widely considered the greatest player of all time. She remained the number one ranked player for 319 weeks, that’s over 6 years. Oh yeah, 186 of those weeks were consecutive, so no small accomplishment! Furthermore, she won 23 Grand Slam Titles.  Only time will tell how long she holds on to her place in history.

Her farewell from tennis is “on her own terms” reports Vogue Magazine. “I need to be two feet into tennis or two feet out.” Ms. Williams spilled her guts in the interview as she spoke about family, therapy, and finance.

Tale of two ‘Xs’

An allusion to the book ‘A Tale of Two Cites’ written in 1859

A force to be reckoned with

A person or thing considered to be strong, powerful, or difficult to defeat

In short order

Quickly, efficiently, and without delays

Bow out (of something)

To stop taking part in an activity or give up a position

For starters

As one example used initially or at the beginning

Back to back

One event happens quickly after another

Oh yeah

An expression of further confirmation

Only time will tell

The true meaning, result, or outcome will only be known in the future

Spill one’s guts

slang | To speak truthfully and share everything one knows about something, especially a sensitive issue or a wrong one has committed.

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